Portland 7 Months

could life be better right now? 


portland is 7 months old. she is remarkably happy. smart. good. social. so social. independent. patient. she’s been sitting up for 1.5 months, starting to pull up on mama and daddy to stand, she is a waving machine – which is the CUTEST thing in the world. waving to people at the store. so much waving to daddy. when we go out on the porch. mimicking sounds. sounds like she can say hi, hey and bye (totally cant but mimics the general sound.) sleeping 12 hours at night. loves to nap. figured out stroller naps (praise the lord and welcome to a little more freedom past 1hr outta the house),  is eating food about 1-2 times a day. avocado, banana and sweet potatoes….giving tastes of a few others. (had a recent bout of reaaaal constipation so we’re pulling back to 1 maybe 2 x’s a day after we did too much with fam in town and playing “its so fun to feed the baby so people can see her eat” ….(so so sad.) loves to be out and about….anytime she can watch people she is so happy. goes WILD for kids. like actually screams and squaks until i take her over so she can say hi and grab them. she loves us so much and were constant puddles for her.

amazing how 7 months goes. what was life before her. 

i want to wake up and have her in my arms. take her in the room and see her light up to wake up daddy. i never want her to grow out of this stage where she doesnt tires of my 28594032 kisses a day and just wants to play. 

i decided to pull out my camera real quick after i saw how good an iPhone shot was. i decided i need to be an actual photographer and start documenting my baby. in outfits we were already wearing, a little spur of the moment shoot and daddy on the camera as well so i can actually be in a photo.

my sweet sweet girl. you’re our whole world.


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