almost 8 months

8 months. how is that even possible. 

later this week, she will be 8 months old and im giving myself huge props to admitting that and not saying she’s 7 months and 3.2 weeks. 

she’s just becoming my little best friend. every day, every moment with her is unexplainably my best moments. as time keeps going and we continue to get to know her more, i just cant imagine anything without her.

8 months and she’s adding things to her pocket full of tricks.

  • she’s clapping up a storm, which has replaced her favorite item of waving. we sing a little song, “clap your hands, clap clap clap, clap your hands…..” and she claps every time. its the best and the cutest.
  • she is starting to pull forward to go on her knees, then quickly goes down to her tummy and reeeaches with her long arms for what she wants. (i really dont prefer her to crawl for mannnny months)
  • she LOVES to stand up, uses our hands, arms, shoulders to pull up so she can stand. its so cute because she makes a “whoaaaaa” sound every time she does it….she loves it.
  • she’s really teething the past few days. her bottom two teeth are juuuust about to poke thru.  she’s been pretty miserable the past couple days, not her usual self. not her independent self, i cant even put her down…she wants to be on me at all times. its really sweet and i know she wont be little enough to be on me, playing, cuddling, nursing forever so im soaking it up…but im definitely not used to her being so needy and not letting me put her down. poor baby  – although i will say, those amber beads seem to actually work. i was not a believer but tried it and they seem to help. so weird.

every morning (now, if its not raining) we go on a walk at 745, 8am around the neighborhood. i bundle her up, put on her cute bonnet and we head out. i listen to a podcast, drink coffee and she is her observant self. its really a cherished time for me. I’m so beyond grateful that im able to be here with her. able to take the time to go on those walks. to be there to get her out of the crib every single nap. to feed her. its something im beyond grateful for. that i get to be there for all these moments. i wouldnt trade it for anything.

CJ and i continue to not really be able to understand this is our life. how could we experience such love. becoming a parent is the greatest joy i will ever have. i sound like a hallmark card and super redundant. bla bla bla. love love love. but its so true. watching other families – i feel like i thought i could imagine how it would feel….but i feel like its just one of those unexplainable things. this is what life is created for. just sitting here tonight with CJ – both with tears in our eyes trying to put to words what we feel. we both honestly had no idea this is what it was gonna feel like.  i had no idea, this is what the love of a parent feels like.  its so different than the love for family, the love for a spouse. its completely overwhelming and beautiful thing.

she’s my little best friend and i cant believe i get to have a whole life with her. 

i need to start writing and sharing more. even just little blurbs. i need to remember my brain and where she’s at when she’s there.


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