Portland 10 Months

10 months is a teenage baby. 9 months was the last single digit and now her 1 year old mark is just a breath away. how is time going this fast?

we’re heading into winter with a very good eater, a crawler, a girl who loves to stand and navigate the couch and coffee table, she just became obsessed with dogs and is impossibly loud when she sees them. she’s starting to stand for short bits of time but mostly just does it for all the clapping from us. she can blow a kiss (just holds her hand against her mouth) and signs for milk, food, all done and more. she is very observant and notices everything and everyone.  no stranger gets past her. we put her in the high chair in front of our window and she gets to watch all the people, kids, babies and dogs walk by….and I always know when someone is out front by her reaction. our little guard dog. she GASPS so so loudly when she is interested in something, it kind of alarms people if they dont know its her thing. she has two dance moves and any time a song is on, she stops what she is doing and bounces her head up and down. she understands a lot and says “da-da” all day long. adds a “mama” in there just enough to keep me happy…says her own version of “dog” and “hi” and “baby”…… she surprisingly gets a lot of the first letter right when repeating a word we say. she prefers electronics….iPhone, remote, monitor…to any toy and has FaceTime’d, texted and even Instagram Lived without me knowing (i was naked and changing in the background thank the lord she didnt get me in it).

one night she came in signing for milk with CJ. and we said “ok you can have some milk but you have to say MAMA…” and she looks at us and flat out says MAMA. we died laughing….such a smart girl. she was like yea ok i can do that.  she’s done it another time when CJ requested the specific word and its so sweet to see her respond.

She really started signing at 9 months…I think I started at about 5-6 months, 6 maybe 7? and it was so fun to see her start to do it. first “more” ….so many “mores” coming out of her. she was using it for food at first, then i started signing “food” more to her so she understood the difference. then “food” and “all done” – we’re working on “please” now. signing and communicating even these most basic things has been so helpful – So helpful – knowing when she wants something or is hungry is so nice. there have been so many times i didnt know she wanted food or milk and would sign to me – just because you get in your routine and schedule and her tummy doesnt always align with that. although she basically is always signing “milk” and “food” to us – this girl loves to eat. seeing her little hand sign milk is the cutest thing of all time. there was no special way or book i read,  i just signed when i would do what we were doing so she would associate it and that was that. eventually she got it.  for example, if i would sign “all done” i would immediately take her out of her high chair so she know that sign meant she was done. pretty easy.

after a slow and hard start with food and her digestion she now, eating a ton. she has never really turned anything down – literally the easiest eater thankkk you – although she has favorites. she started out being obsessed with mandarin oranges. now she loves eggs allllll day. she kills sweet potato chunks with cinnamon on it. we have a hilarious video of her tasting turkey for the first time, so thats a real winner too. i need to continue giving her more new things as its easy to get stuck in the same menu items – however – she really prefers to feed herself (great for me) and so there’s not evvverything out there that is soft enough in bite form, when i could puree it but she prefers things in chunk form.  have anything else im not thinking of to give her?

the holidays are absolutely obviously the best time ever and we cannot wait to see christmas thru her eyes. even just last night putting up the garland and stockings and lights….seeing her eyes look at christmas lights for the first time…it was amazing. we’re staying in seattle this year for Christmas (my first one ever not being in spokane with my big ‘ol family) but I am excited to experience Christmas in Seattle for the first time (there better be snow) and relax, not drive, not live out of a suitcase and make our own traditions. CJ’s parents and brother will be spending the holiday with us as well. i literally cannot wait to do Christmas with her and start our own traditions.

okkkay my darling girl has awoken, so thats my cue. i really wish i was writing more and more often….i guess thats the sign of a mother, never enough time for what we want to do.

some photos of my angel at 10 months. 

these were shot with my new Canon Mark IV – i have been shooting it as my 2nd body but made myself take the jump to shoot with it as my lead. the screen, i dont love, it makes the images look overexposed or something…..the Mark II screen was like an edited photo. BUT i took some time and created some new presets with VSCO to match my look and nowww i am loving it. doesnt miss a shot (which is what forced my upgrade) and the colors mi happy with. so far, so good.


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  1. Oh my, she’s absolutely adorable! The signing is a great idea – wish I’d have done that with mine. Such beautiful photos of a beautiful teenage baby. 😍

    Which VSCO presets did you use? Thanks!


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