17-20 Weeks

wow, I’m half way! its gone so fast.

i feel like the last half will be much slower, getting bigger and all, but maybe not…i’ve heard from a few just how fast it goes. i always expected pregnancy to be such a lonnnnng time. 9 months! but really its gone fast. maybe because the first half you just look like yourself, it doesnt feel as real when you look the same. now that im showing more….and feeling her more, it feels much more real after we had the ultrasound and now that i’m feeling her move all the time.

i have felt so grateful so far for how its been going, how i’ve been feeling and all. when people ask “how are you feeling?” my answer has been GREAT. overall, i feel like myself now and not tired and exhausted like the first trimester. there are of course things that arent my normal, but im getting used to them.

RPTE Cambodia 2014 // © Andria Lindquist


  • feeling good, sleeping pretty good
  • feeling her kick every day and i just love that. CJ has felt her, my sister felt a kick! i cant say how much i love feeling her move.
  • buying clothes and trying to not buy it all…CJ is no help on this.
  • CJ felt her for the real first time….laying in bed she was moving so much so i put CJs hand on her and he felt her like 4 times! usually when i put his hand on me she just floats to a new spot….
  • I’ve seen her move from the outside a few times…just a few little punches here and there when im feeling her move a lot if i watch….i’ve caught it a few times. so fun!!
  • i feel like i started looking pregnant now…i feel like i was stuck at the “does she have a belly” stage forever but now its more round and looking like im pregnant.
  • ha, noticed my belly actually getting in the way at yoga.


  • my ezcema // i’ve had it my whole life, like when i go on hot vacays or am in humid weather…but its been so present during my pregnancy. i have it on my calves a bit, my wrist, my inner elbows, and one finger pad!
  • insomnia // its so random and on and off, but when it hits, im just wide awake at like 4 am. luckily it doesnnt last forrever but its just disruptive to my sleep when i am so used to sleeping like the dead in my normal life. insomnia + restless legs and arms. the best!
  • week 19 hit some hunger craze // its so crazy when you go thru crazy hunger…i have to eat like NOW when it hits…its totally fine, but its annoying having to try to stay ahead of the hunger and always have something to eat!

Not too crazy, not too much to say but I’m loving where im at and so happy to already be half way! 




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