San Fran

my boo and i went to San Fran end of August.

we had just found out he would be switching jobs and starting at Facebook the next month and had some time off until then (woop woop) and we were pregnant (woop woop) and i had some non-wedding weekends (woop woop) so we said to ourselves lets go on a trip!  so we totally did. 

this was a city we’d never been to together, we rented a car (very advised in SF) so we could do and do as we pleased in the big rolling hilled city and spent a glorious 4 days there. dinners out (sans wine), lots of shopping and seeing and i could still walk a full day and not have my back break! it was a really really great trip, city and time.

i finally got around to putting the video together (and more to come with wedding, bach party, some personal wedding work) …so first up, SAN FRAN



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