Lactation Balls


very rarely can you make something a handful of times and still want to make it again and again. the only thing i’ve been able to do that with is cheesecake, chocolate and coffee. 

but enter: these oat lactation balls. or protein/good fat balls that encourage good milk.

its really hard to make food then and there when i need it, so I’m learning to batch make things (quiche, dinner, these balls) to be able to have things when i need them because when your baby needs to eat now…you dont have time to make the breakfast then and there and if its quick its probably a handful of cinnamon toast crunch.

when i found these, i was eating stuff that was supposed to help my milk when i was working to get my milk back. lactation cookies? yea thats not realistic. i made a batch and omg they were so good i ate them literally in one day. thats not a good idea to not look 8 mo pregnant asap, so i needed to find something that didnt have a stick of butter in it.

these have brewers yeast, flax seeds and oats – all galactogogues. the other stuff is just good for you – good fats to keep you full and give you a boost when a meal isnt possible then and there. (im not using them AS a meal, just a omg i need food now but i cant make something OR something easy to eat at 4 am when im hungry and pumping.)

i came across these and have added stuff to them and lovvvving them.

i wanted to share, in case you need some balls in your life. i literally love them – you can add stuff you particularly like like i did….adding coconut oil makes them so much yummier.


2 cups steel cut oats

1/2 cup flax seeds

4TBS Brewers Yeast

Scoop of  Poppyseeds

a couple scoops of slivered  Almonds (smashed)

2 TBS Hemp Seeds

**Combine  all dry ingredients**


1 Cup  Peanut Butter or  Almond Butter

(i do a combo)

1/4 Cup Honey

1/4 Cup Coconut Oil


combine all the ingredients with a wooden spoon  or if you have gloves, hand combine, which is what i like to do. form balls and you’re done.

*it might seem dry at first, keep combining. if you dont like the makeup, add more PB or honey.

Put them on a cookie sheet in the fridge for 30 minutes, then once they are cool…keep them in a tin in the fridge and they’re ready to roll when you need a snack on the go and something good for yo’milks.


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