Make Your First Move

London London // 2012

i felt you move for the first time today.

July 28th.

I was in yoga and finishing the class in final shavasana, laying down and just holding still. one moment later, I felt these bubbles in my right front stomach. i thought instantly, omg that might be the baby! i just laid there with a smile on my face. but i thought, maybe it was something else…maybe not the baby.

but when i got home i text my sisters and mom, and serena said yep thats what it feels like, little bubbles in your intestines. it was the best feeling, know i did feel it. tears filled my eyes. its becoming so real. i cant wait to feel the baby again.its so exciting that you’re getting bigger and i just cant wait to meet you, feel you. thank you for your little movements. i cant wait until I’m feeling you all thru out the day.

**update** another yoga class: August 2nd, at the end of class again, laying still and my stomach was all in a hard ball towards the front of my body, in a way i’ve never had happen before! it was so cool, i could really feel the baby up front in such a funny way. maybe thats what it will feel like as i get bigger, that i can feel the baby with my hands..but when i lay down now, its still pretty soft and i cant really feel where my uterus or the baby is, but today i started to be able to.


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