Portland // Newborn Photos

i’ll have another baby just to be able to hold a days old warm little thing skin to skin.

could their be anything better?

taking photos of my little angel when she was just 2 weeks old. that’ll be a memory tucked in a safe warm little place in my brain.

looking back on these. we have so many memories with her already, and she’s 4 months. you measure the sweet moments by the hour, not the day. so it seems like we’ve already had her for years. how did we live without her before? God has given us the sweetest, most wonderful, alert, smart and good natured baby. she really set the bar high here for our future babies 🙂

i need to start taking photos of her monthly because time is just flying and she’s changing so quickly. i already forget how tiny she was, cant we go back?

the greatest gift of our lives.


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