Portland’s Room

ah, planning my baby girls room. how fun! 

i havent planned a new room in so long and so it was refreshing to step away from our homes grey, white, metal and gold feel and be able to do something a bit more fun and feminine. this room was previously our 2nd bedroom for guests and kept the look of my previous bedroom before CJ and I lived together which was grey stripes, a huge travel print and a vintage file cabinet.

CJ and I did not see eye to eye at all (if you know us: big surprise there) haha because once i showed him my mood board, he thought it looked too much like an adults room and he wanted more cartoons and toys or something. once i convinced him that you, indeed, do not need to have cartoons on the wall and that i was doing it anyway, haaahah, he came around. because its a girl and i win.

we’re currently renting and was planning on moving at the 6mo mark when our lease was up so I  didnt want to get too involved here, because we werent gonna be here forever. (plus we’re not allowed to paint or add wallpaper renting…i love the look of a wall with amazing wallpaper…someday) but i love the space and how it turned out. i didnt get around to finishing every detail (her bookshelf and some coat hooks) before i had her and newsflash: i havent finished it since. haha. mostly because i should have had my mom screw them in for me because i dont want to ruin the walls and she’s better than me at that stuff.

alrighty, take a little tour thru my baby girls room. byyyyye. 


i put together a mood board before i went out looking for items,

so i could have a feeling and look in my mind.


i wanted simple yet bold prints to hang.

I also designed & printed the “P ” print myself


ah, pink. the color we’re socially forced to use for girls. i was perfectly against anything pink while pregnant….i wanted something feminine. gold didnt feel right. so once i saw some rose gold items, it was the perfect compromise for not pink, yet still feminine.

so ROSE GOLD it was.

i was able to add a few rose gold items to the room that added the perfect amount of color without looking cartoony girl.


well it was a unicorn but due to some very  passionate thoughts about unicorns being demonic from CJ (dont even get me started) i cut off her horn and now she’s a horse. haha, but i got to keep her.

the story behind the little plush toy is….in March, Tonhya and I were in Tulum (take me baaack) and shopping around and i found that little unicorn and fell in love. now, i have been buying my “future child” things around the world for years, but i ended up not getting it – although i got a really cute romper – and then about a month later, i found out i was pregnant!  and i had instant regret that i didnt buy it! so when Tonhya was back down shooting in Tulum later in the year, i asked her to find it for me. she looked and looked and “couldnt find it” …come to find out, she had gotten it and it was a surprise in my gift at the baby shower. so its a sweet little memory to me and i have been putting it in all her monthly update photos.  what a nice story.

Sweet, simple and lovely. I love all the white and how clean it feels. she’s still in her bassinet so she hasnt even slept in the crib yet haha. but sommmme day soon she will.


Crib  // Dresser // Sheets // Priceless Print   &  Eyes Print // Letter Board //  Mattress  // Glider  //  Dresser  // Rose Gold Triangle Mirrors  //  White Shelf  //  White  Wooden Storage Locker  // Clear Bookshelf 


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