Portland // 4 Months

my sweet angel is 4 months! 

it has gone by so fast, yet been so long. because my day is with her 24/7, its really been so many moments together, we have so many memories and feelings with her. she’s getting to such a fun age, able to play and interact more. react to things, laugh, really trying to reach and grab things (my freedom of holding things is soon over), discovering that i can walk away, has emotions when i take things away from her, putting every. single. thing. in her mouth. talk talk talking so much, blowing bubbles, rolling over front to back. and trying to do back to front. discovering water and how liquid looks in cups. grabbing so much! she’s been sleeping thru the night for about a month and takes 4 naps during the day with one longer wake time from 5-7, then bed!

she’s such a happy girl, such a chatty girl. loves talking to me once she’s done eating, throwing her hands around and blowing bubbles. she loves to be in the sitting position. just started sitting in the bumbo and curling up to try to sit when she’s laying down. spends a lot of time under her jungle gym grabbing circles and things in her reach and putting it all in her mouth. she’s started experiencing stranger danger…which i know is totally normal, but makes people feel so bad. her little lip quiver is pretty cute but so so sad. 

people constantly remark on “how alert she is” …i must have heard that one word – alert – 50 times. if she’s not having stranger danger, so loves to smile at people and is incredibly observant and watches things like a hawk when we’re out. she will miss sleep so she can stay watching people when we’re in public…just so curious.

she loves seeing daddy come in after work and has the sweetest shyest-coy smile.

its been the best few months of our lives. its so often we’re sitting while she’s asleep at the end of the day, both looking at photos or videos of her and saying how we cant believe she’s ours and we get to keep her. 

4 months old. sweet baby girl.


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